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About Radio Broadstairs

Calm Sea

Radio Broadstairs is a 24 hour local radio station, using Alexa and is also searchable on Tune-In, Radio garden and various other platforms. We are a not for profit radio station licensed by PPL & PRS.

Our website reflects the local area of Broadstairs but our programmes will also appeal to listeners far and wide.

What does not for profit mean?
It means any profits generated by the station cannot benefit the people running the service. However, this requirement does not prevent stations from paying staff. Any profit or surplus must be used for securing or improving the future provision of the radio service or for delivering social gain/community benefits to the target community of the station.

Our Daytime music policy is 'Classic Hits' mixed with some specialist shows in the evenings & at the weekends.
The term "classic hits" is believed to have originated at WZLX Boston when the station converted from "adult contemporary" to a format composed of the hipper tracks from the oldies format and album tracks from popular classic rock albums. Classic hits stations typically do not play pre-1964 music, except for a few especially popular or enduring songs such as early Beach Boys hits.


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